Welcome to your new CrossFit family


The SoFlow Experience

We are community focused. SoFlow is a place you can call home.

We are here to guide you and train you to a stronger, healthier, and more confident YOU.

Even if this is your first time in a gym, we will help you feel right at home and keep you motivated on the path to YOUR version of success in fitness.


Avoid the 3 most common mistakes made when looking for a CrossFit gym.

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Fitness for Everyone

Fitness for Everyone

We have a training program for all ages and athletic levels including beginners, experienced gym goers looking to try something new, every day CrossFitters and even competitors.

Contact us for more information, we would love to hear what your goals are, and we will build you a customized game plan to reach those goals!


Get to know our coaches, our facility and our community. 

What to expect

When you first walk into CrossFit SoFlow you will be greeted warmly and given a brief rundown of the class. 

You’ll jump into class, but in a very scaled/easy version tailored to your specific fitness level. There is absolutely no need to be fit ahead of coming in. 

The class is an hour long and will start with a warmup which focuses on mobility, activating muscles, and getting your body primed for a safe workout. 

There may be a strength session, or a skill session, or a metabolic conditioning workout or some combination based on the programming of the day. 

No matter what, you will not be asked to push yourself beyond what you are comfortable with, and it will be an easy and welcoming transition to CrossFit. 

Our goal is for you to get a very real understanding of the gym, the coaches, and the community so you can see if it’s a good fit for you. 

Many of our members are so grateful they decided to go for it and check out the gym as it has changed many lives to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. Are you next?

Life-Changing Experience at CrossFit SoFlow

I was intimidated to sign up for CrossFit especially as I haven’t exercised in many years, however after talking to the amazing Jeanine, I signed up and have been coming here for almost 3 months now. The coaches are fantastic, helpful, and they truly want to see you succeed and become your healthiest self. The classes are always different and not repetitive which keeps things interesting as I tend to get bored quickly. The community at CrossFit SoFlow is very supportive, encouraging, and friendly. If you are looking for a great place to workout and feel a part of a community, I highly recommend CrossFit SoFlow!

– Laura D

Outstanding Experience: Home Away from Home

Absolutely amazing CF gym. Great workouts, top notch coaching, and just a cool overall vibe. In town for the week on vacation, but felt right at home here. Jeanine (outstanding coach and person) even took the time to write me a personal workout when I came for open gym! Will definitely come back if ever in the Ft Laud area.

– Melody Glass

Family Fitness Fun: Highly Recommend for Kids Too!

We love Crossfit SoFlow!! My husband and I are members but now our oldest son, who is 8, is a member as well!!!

He started the KidsFlow classes in summer and has been going ever since. All the coaches are so accommodating for these littles making fitness fun and teaching them skills they normally would not learn until they were adults putting them ahead of the game! Highly recommend if you are wanting to get your kids involved in working out. Make it a family affair!!

– Melissa Carvajal

A Breath of Fresh Air in South Florida

Finally found SoFlow after recently moving down to South Florida and so glad I did! The facility is well maintained with every piece of CrossFit equipment you could ever want, and more (did I mention they have AC?!). The coaches are all very knowledgeable and the classes are well run and follow reputable programming. Everyone is positive and encouraging, and there are some really strong athletes to help push you to the next level. Excited to be a part of this community!

– Stefanie Barron